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At ASU, we try our level best to facilitate the placement needs of our students. Although no educational institution assumes the responsibility of providing jobs to its graduates, including ASU, we believe that with the right training and development, the placement of graduates can be substantially improved. Hence, we facilitate this placement by offering CV writing workshops, Interviewing skills training, and access to thousands of local and international jobs through our partnerships with recruiting agencies.

Placement Workshops

We regularly hold online placement workshops at ASU to provide CV writing and Interviewing skills to our existing and graduating students. Through seasoned industry professionals, these workshops are offered to ensure our students' significant performance in the job market.

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Training Courses

Effective Resume Writting
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Art of Giving Interviews
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Job Portal

Our Job portal offers access to thousands of jobs locally and globally to our existing students and graduates in partnership with recruitment firms.

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CV builder

Our CV builder helps the existing students develop market-relevant and improved CV to facilitate the employment process.

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