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Fee Structure

ASU offers a very transparent fee structure free from any hidden costs. ASU believes that it must always strive to keep its fee structure as affordable as possible.

All the fees charged at ASU are pre-approved by its management. Pre-defined and clearly stated policies strictly govern them.

  • Fee Details
  • ASU understands that most of its MBA program students come from a working
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  • Payment Plan
  • To be paid in monthly installments of $500 each.

Fee Refund Policy

ASU maintains a comprehensive and friendly fee refund policy, entirely in compliance with the regulatory bodies' requirements. The students' responsibility is to make themselves aware of the fee refund policy before submitting the fee.

detailed fee refund policy

Financial Support

The fee structure being offered at ASU is among the most convenient and affordable ones. However, we provide monthly installment plans to lower the lumpsum financial burden on the students. At present, ASU is not eligible to participate in the federal financial aid program.

Payment Plan Details

  • The fee will be charged from the student for their enrollment in the degree program.
  • The fee will be charged at $500 per month for a total of $5,000.
  • During this period, the student can finish as many courses as they like or the entire degree program.
  • The students will not be allowed to simultaneously enroll in more than three courses.
  • The students may add courses when any of their currently enrolled course is successfully completed.

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