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Credit Transfer Candidates
(Course Work)

At ASU, we offer a friendly credit transfer policy in a spirit to save the past efforts of students while meeting all requirements of regulatory bodies.

The students who are willing to have their past credits transferred to the current degree program must meet the following requirements:

  • 1.The student must apply for credit transfer by filling out the required information in the application form while applying for admissions.
  • 2.All credit transfer applications must include the complete transcript showing credits earned at an accredited institution and their grades.
  • 3.All applicants must also provide the course outline or content for every course required for transfer from their parent institution.
  • 4.Credits are transferred based on the ASU approved credit transfer policy.
  • 5.Grades lower than "C" are not transferable.
  • 6.If it meets the criteria, a maximum of 50% of course work is transferable.
  • 7.All students must complete at least 50% of program credits at ASU to be eligible for the degree's award.
  • 8.In all credit transfer matters, the decision of the ASU will be considered as final. A student may request to review by providing additional information.
  • 9.Students may be granted a temporary exemption to continue their degree during the process of credit transfer evaluation. The exemption will be revoked if the credits are not transferred.
  • 10.The admission of the candidate remains conditional until all the matters related to admission are finalized. An unconditional acceptance letter is issued by the ASU, and an enrollment agreement is signed, outlining all the admission conditions.

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Transferability of credit earned
at ASU to other institutions

ASU does not have any arrangements with any educational institution for its credit transfers. As soon as any such arrangements are made, students will be notified accordingly. Usually, this happens after the complete accreditation of the institution.

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