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Recovering your entire MBA investment in just
3 months but enjoying the interest for the rest of your life

*Based on the industrial survey on the salary difference
of MBA and Non-MBA and our total degre program cost of $6000 only

MBA Program

MBA is one of the most sought-after qualification to excel in the corporate
world or to acquire superior skills to manage one’s own business.

Your Experience

At AUOVS, with decades of experience in incorporating industry needs into curriculum, we have created a rich and experience filled program where learning is maximized, customized and organized in a manner that not only makes it relevant but interesting.

Our Methodology

Our case based, and situational learning takes you away from text books into the realm of industry practices. You will be experiencing, evaluating, innovating and implementing strategies to make your learning practical, exciting and value adding.

Perspectives on the Case Method

Into the Field

Our Curriculum

The curriculum at AUOVS has been specially designed and organized in a sequential manner that can provide most comprehensive but relevant knowledge of all business functions needed to excel in today’s dynamic local and global business environment.

Course Structure

It comprises of 30 credit hours i.e. 10 courses for those who have a bachelor’s degree in Business discipline, and for those who are coming from non-business education background are offered additional 12 credit hours i.e. 04 courses to cover the deficiency of prior knowledge and to bring them at par with the other students opting that program.

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CORE COURSES (24 Credit Hours)

MKT 711

Marketing in Digital Age

COM 711

Managerial Communication

MGT 711

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

MGT 712

Human Asset Management

FIN 712

Financial Reporting and Controlling

MGT 714

Ethical and Entrepreneurial Manager

MGT 713

Technology and Operations Management

FIN 712

Managing Financials

MGT 715

Strategy and Accountability

PJT 711

Industrial Research Project

Elective / Specialization Courses

Our MBA program offers most industry relevant specializations such as Marketing,
Finance, Supply Chain Management.

Elective -1

Marketing Stream

MKT 721

Promotion in Digital Age

MKT 722

Sales and Distribution Management

Finance Stream

FIN 721

Corporate Finance

FIN 722

Working Capital Management

Banking Stream

BNK 721

Treasury and Funds Management

BNK 721

Banking Operations Management

Supply Chain Stream

SCM 721

Supply Chain Technologies

SCM 722

Supply Chain Management

Foundation Courses (12 Credit Hours)

For student coming from non-business background.
Exemtion can be claimed if these courses have been
studied at any level in the past.

MKT 611

Marketing Basics

ACT 611

Accounting for Business

ECO 611

Economics from Organizational Perspective

MGT 611

Managing Business Enterprise

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