Why Choose AUOVS

  • Globally recognized degree
  • Most advance technology with integration of artificial intelligence to identify students’ weaker areas and tailor assessments to improve the same.
  • Interesting learning experience through the integration of virtual teachers and voice control features
  • The most modest fee structure that will make it affordable to all without seeking external financial loans.
  • The corporate sector can adopt a student to support his/her education and customize his/her learning for their industry.
  • 24/7 academic counseling support.

Admission Counselors

Our admission counselor are available 24/7 to cater your learning needs

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Our Mission

To be a leading global institution of higher education and research, building critical thought process and ethical behavior to help develop a progressive society across the globe.

Our Educational Philosophy

  • Meet highest standards of education in learning and research.
  • Bring motivation among the students to pursue or continue their education by making education affordable
  • Reach out to the students and make learning available at their door step
  • Integrate technology to make learning and research an interesting and market relevant experience
  • Closely knit the gap between course learning and real-world practice
  • Develop ethical thought process and behaviors among the students
  • Integrate case based situational learning to promote critical thinking