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Globally recognized degree

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Most advance technology with integration of artificial intelligence to identify students’ weaker areas and tailor assessments to improve the same.

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Interesting learning experience through the integration of virtual teachers and voice control features

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The most modest fee structure that will make it affordable to all without seeking external financial loans.

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American University of Virginia State is a leading University in USA catering the most advance learning needs of the society through integration of techology and industry relevant learning experiences.

Mission Statement

To be a leading global institution of higher education and research, building critical thought process and ethical behavior to help develop a progressive society across the globe

Educational Philosophy

» Meet highest standards of education in learning and research
» Bring motivation among the students to pursue or continue their education by making education affordable

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AUOVS has been granted provisional recognition by the “State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.” Classes will commence only after securing full recognition by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia.

AUOVS intends to acquire its accreditation from Distance Education Accrediting Commission, a national accrediting body specialized in distance education and approved by the Department of Education- USA. Since DEAC starts the process of accrediting the educational institutions at the time when their first batch graduates the institution is working hard to ensure that by the end of first year of its inception it initiate the process of seeking accreditation.


Master of Business Administration

MBA is one of the most sought-after qualification to excel in the corporate world or to acquire superior skills to manage one’s own business.

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Acadamic Counselors

Our academic counselor are available 24/7 to cater your learning needs

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Your Experience

At AUOVS, with decades of experience in incorporating industry needs into curriculum,

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Our Methodology

Our case based, and situational learning takes you away from text books into the realm of industry practices.

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Our Curriculum

Our case based, and situational learning takes you away from text books into the realm of industry

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Our Specializations

Our MBA program offers most industry relevant specializations such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management.

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Fee and Donation Policy at AUOVS

AUOVS offers a very transparent fee structure free from any hidden costs. AUOVS believes that it must always strive to keep its fee structure as affordable as possible. All the fee charged at AUOVS are pre-approved by its management and are strictly governed by pre-defined and clearly stated policies.

Fee Structure for MBA Program

Programs fee Details Total Degree Fee Payment Plan
AUOVS understands that most of its MBA program students comes from a working background and are investing
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Fee Refund Policy

AUOVS maintains a comprehensive and friendly fee refund policy which is completely in compliance to the regulatory bodies’ requirements...

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Financial Support

The fee structure being offered at AUOVS is among the most convenient and affordable one, however, we offer monthly installments plan to lower the lumpsum financial...

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Apply for Donations

Applicants interested in getting their education financed by their employer or any philanthropist may kindly fill the attached application...

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Give Donations

The fee structure being offered at AUOVS is among the most convenient and affordable one, however, we offer monthly installments plan to lower the lumpsum financial...

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Admission and Entrance Requirements at AUOVS

At AUOVS, we have an enabling admission policy to provide an opportunity to people who wants to bring a change in their lives. We grant admissions to students regardless of their nationality, religion, color or creed and purely on their meeting the requirements and demonstrating a self-desire to transform their lives.

Eligibility Requirements

At AUOVS we ensure that all requirements of regulatory bodies are met and hence provides

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Admission Process

The admission process at AUOVS is quite simple and convenient and allows applicants to start their

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Credit Transfer Candidates (Course Work)

At AUOVS we offer a very friendly credit transfer policy in a spirit to save the maximum possible past

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Credit Transfer Candidates (Life Experience)

We value the experiences our applicants have acquired during their work live and hence we have an

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Credit Earned at AUOVS

AUOVS provides all required information to students for their transfer of credits to another institution. However,

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Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination at AUOVS

AUOVS strictly prohibits discriminatory practices at all its activities and functions and pledges to

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Admission Counselors

Our admission counselor are available 24/7 to cater your learning needs

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Learning Resource Center (Digital Library)

At AUOVS, we provide a wide range of digital learning resources to ensure that the students are facilitated at every stage of learning. Our learning resources are accessible 24/7 to meet the learning needs of our students. Our learning resources are carefully selected to offer you most relevant and up to date learning knowledge needed to excel in your chosen field of education.

Our Learning Counselors

At AUOVS we offer 24/7 online support to our students intended to seek guidance on identifying or using our library resources.

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Learning Resources

At AUOVS we offer a wide range of learning resources to facilitate learning process. These includes but not limited to the following resources.

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